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Arte by Doug & CheyAnne

We had such a great time with Amanda, Ed and Rufus for their engagement shoot at Audubon Park! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a small dog capable of such large leaps, but when he wants in his parent’s arms he’s like Michael Jordan! And he looked so dapper with his black bow tie! Amanda and Ed were looking pretty sharp themselves and we couldn’t have asked for better weather on the day of their shoot. We explored the front half of Audubon Park before heading back to the Tree of Life which is where their wedding journey started. Here is how it all happened!  “We frequently take Rufus to “the fly” in Audobon and grab sandwiches to have while sitting there. Ed was off of work for a whole weekend (which rarely happens) and so he asked me if that sounded like a fun thing to do on Saturday. So we picked up some poboys and instead of going to “the fly” we went to the tree of life. We had our sandwiches, ran around with Rufus and then all of a sudden he was down on one knee and said while we are under the tree of life, I was wondering if I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! I of course said yes and I am pretty sure I snatched the ring out of the box so fast and put it on my own finger (oops!). Then we spent the rest of the day celebrating and calling friends and family.”   We are so excited for these three and can’t wait to document their wedding next March at Latrobe’s!

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Arte by CheyAnne

Amanda and Kenny celebrated their wedding among their closest family members and dearest of friends in an intimate ceremony in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.  As soon as I walked in the room for bridal prep I fell in love with all of her details, and the girls mis-matched — yet perfectly matched, dresses!  The vintage diy style to it all made my heart swoon!  It was quickly time to head to the square for Amanda and Kenny’s first look.  Rain was threatening to rain on our parade, but they were able to see each other and take a few photos before Amanda stepped out of her shoes and ran under the Pentalba Apartments as the clouds opened up.  It didn’t just rain, it poured for about 4o minutes.  Luckily, it was not all a wash though, by 40 minutes prior to the ceremony time, the sun appeared again.  The show could go on!

Amanda and Kenny’s wedding party included all of their children and their spouses, plus the grandkids.  There was a very laid back vibe to the whole day, with groomsmen cheering for Alabama and LSU as they came down the aisle.  Later on in the day I gave a “Geaux Tigers!” only to be almost fired by the bride’s son, he asked, “who hired this girl!”  I suppose I should determine my bride’s team of preference before — but it was all in good fun and banter!  :) I really enjoyed getting to know their family and capture this momentous occasion for them.  The group met up after the ceremony to party on Bourbon St.  Congratulations!  Enjoy!

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Arte by Doug

While it certainly tried to rain Paula and Roy’s parade, it didn’t quite succeed! Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, they had a wonderful wedding day in the French Quarter and the Irish Cultural Museum. Just as it we getting close to time for their First Look, the sun disappeared and the rain started falling. But it was their lucky day and within minutes of us heading out for the first look the sun came back and it was nothing but blue skies for the rest of the afternoon! Paula even had the best attitude about everything and wasn’t that concerned about the train of her unique purple dress getting a little wet. She just wanted to see her man and get some great photos! Their 3 girls were also quite photogenic and were the subjects for some very cool looking black and white photos.  After their First Look in her hotel courtyard at the Prince Conti, we ventured out into the Quarter before arriving at the Irish Museum for their ceremony and reception. It was a sweet and personal ceremony with poem reading and combining of sand from them and their three children. I’m so happy that everything worked out with the weather for this wonderful couple and wish them all the best in their future! Enjoy!


01-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 02-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 03-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 04-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 05-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 06-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 07-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 08-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 09-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 10-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 11-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 12-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 13-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 14-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 15-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 16-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 17-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 18-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding