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Angelle & Jordan – A DC Engagement!

Arte by Doug & CheyAnne

As New Orleans wedding photographers, we often feel extremely blessed to be able to do much of our photography in such picturesque locations as the French Quarter and City Park, but it was really fun to head up to our nation’s capitol and do an engagement shoot in Washington DC with Angelle and Jordan!  We recently photographed Angelle’s sister’s wedding and are so excited to be a part of another Smith wedding!  Jordan works on Capitol Hill as a legislative aid to a congressman, so featuring the Capitol building was a no brainer. We then headed over to the Basin around the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and revisited the site of the proposal. We really love the quiet silhouette of them on the bench with the Memorial in the background. Speaking of silhouettes, I have to admit that CheyAnne totally knocked one of the park and may have made the image of the year with her majestic silhouette you see at the bottom of the post, with Angelle and Jordan in the reflection of the Washington National Monument, which was the very last frame we shot of the day! We shared a few beers with this great couple as well as an incredible Greek dinner at Kapnos, and simply can’t wait for their wedding day! Thanks so much for having us as a part of the next Smith wedding!

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Bethany & Chris — City Park Engagement

Arte by CheyAnne & Doug

What a beautifully matched couple!!  Bethany and Chris’ professions both revolve around fitness.  All of their hard work helping others stay fit, definitely pays off.  They both looked incredible for their session. I was wishing I had Bethany’s calves half of the session, and Doug wants to schedule a consult with Chris.  :)  I loved their style selections for the shoot too, everything was nicely paired and coordinated without being matchy-matchy.

Chris actually proposed to Bethany right after they completed their first marathon together in Chicago.  (Apparently he beat her by 1 second — but you shouldn’t talk about this around her — her face immediately changes!  It was so funny!)    It was only fitting that they brought their medals to incorporate into the shoot.  We loved getting to know you both better!  I’m looking forward to the rest of your wedding journey!  Enjoy!

City Park Engagement 01 City Park Engagement 02 City Park Engagement 03 City Park Engagement 04 City Park Engagement 05 City Park Engagement 06

Susan Perez - August 29, 2014 - 6:14 pm

Stunning love, love,love those blue shoes!!!
Chris you make me PROUD!! Bethany I’m am truly BLESSED to have you as a daughter!! Love you both!!


Lara & Chris – A New Orleans Engagement

Arte by CheyAnne & Doug

The forecast called for rain, but it ended up being the perfect afternoon for Chris & Lara’s backyard engagement photo session, which ended with some great nighttime French Quarter portraits at Palace Cafe (where she works) and the Boondock Saint Bar, where the first kiss took place! We’ve known Lara for several years and when Chris came along, we knew it was a good thing for both of them. We’re more than thrilled to be a part of their wedding celebration and looking forward to their unique wedding at Rock-n-Bowl and dancing the night away with one of the top New Orleans wedding bands Groovy 7!  Lara actually first came across them at our wedding reception just over 2 years ago, and now she gets to be the one in the white dress on the dance floor! The backyard we used just happened to be the site of their engagement party just a week earlier and, when CheyAnne and I got to the party, we looked around and said we have to start your shoot here! Sometimes the locations come to you rather than having to scout for them. We really love the laid-back silly moments they shared that truly reflect their personality, and the timeless look of the black-and-white nighttime shots in the Quarter. We had a great time with you guys and can’t wait for the wedding!


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Denise Broussard - August 28, 2014 - 10:32 am

Gorgeous pictures!

Dan & Heidi Yarrusso - August 27, 2014 - 8:51 pm

Lara & Chris…Your pictures truly touched each of us in a very proud & happy way for the both of you. Each one brought out the Love you have for each other & your very own special personalities that we know so very well. We Love you both…it will certainly be a challenge to pick a few “favorites” since each one brings smiles to our faces. Love Dad & Heidi

"Mama" Judy Hof - August 27, 2014 - 8:17 pm

I don’t know when the last time I have seen such happiness on your face and surely this is only the beginning of major, wonderful days to come. Can’t wait until I see that cute face light up even more the day/evening of your wedding! Love you, my sweet girl!

Jessica Carvin - August 27, 2014 - 12:27 pm

Yall look AMAZING! So happy for you! Love you so much.


Jacquee Carvin - August 26, 2014 - 9:29 pm

They are beautiful pictures of two of my most favorite people. There is true joy in their love for each other.