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Arte by Doug

While it certainly tried to rain Paula and Roy’s parade, it didn’t quite succeed! Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, they had a wonderful wedding day in the French Quarter and the Irish Cultural Museum. Just as it we getting close to time for their First Look, the sun disappeared and the rain started falling. But it was their lucky day and within minutes of us heading out for the first look the sun came back and it was nothing but blue skies for the rest of the afternoon! Paula even had the best attitude about everything and wasn’t that concerned about the train of her unique purple dress getting a little wet. She just wanted to see her man and get some great photos! Their 3 girls were also quite photogenic and were the subjects for some very cool looking black and white photos.  After their First Look in her hotel courtyard at the Prince Conti, we ventured out into the Quarter before arriving at the Irish Museum for their ceremony and reception. It was a sweet and personal ceremony with poem reading and combining of sand from them and their three children. I’m so happy that everything worked out with the weather for this wonderful couple and wish them all the best in their future! Enjoy!


01-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 02-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 03-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 04-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 05-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 06-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 07-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 08-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 09-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 10-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 11-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 12-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 13-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 14-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 15-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 16-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 17-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding 18-Irish Cultural Museum Wedding


Arte by CheyAnne

Taryn messaged me a few months before their first anniversary was approaching.  She had a fun request in that she wanted to recreate a specific photo from the end of their wedding night.  I was really excited to see them again because they are adorable together, and I only had the wedding day to get to know them last year, as they are not local.  They were in NOLA on their actual anniversary — and had dinner plans at Revolution since they had their wedding at the Royal Sonesta.  We decided to do the session right before dinner so they’d be all snazzy.  They are still just as adorable today as they were a year ago!  And I just love Taryn’s new haircut!  Congrats on the one year mark  — many more to go!  :)

Anniversary Session 14 Anniversary Session 15 Anniversary Session 16 Anniversary Session 17 Anniversary Session 18 Anniversary Session 19 Anniversary Session 20 Anniversary Session 21



Arte by CheyAnne & Doug

The weather could not have been any nicer as we wandered the French Quarter with Jen and Kyle for their engagement photos.  After looking through the viewfinder a few times, it struck me that Jen’s doppelganger is Cameron Diaz!  Doesn’t she look like her?!  Jen and Kyle are such a beautiful couple together, and they were game for anything!  If the Cabildo didn’t have strict rules for their canons, we would most certainly have had a goofy photo of Kyle on the canon, because apparently he has a thing for canons.  Ah, but instead, we took the mature adult approach.  :) Not near as fun.  Lol.  These tow had a blast regardless!  I’m always a fan of laughing photos, and you can see below that Jen and Kyle do have fun laughing with one another. Smiles are contagious — these photos make me happy!  Thanks for being up for anything.  We can’t wait for the wedding!  Enjoy!

01-French Quarter Engagement 02-French Quarter Engagement 03-French Quarter Engagement 04-French Quarter Engagement 05-French Quarter Engagement 06-French Quarter Engagement 07-French Quarter Engagement 08-French Quarter Engagement 09-French Quarter Engagement 10-French Quarter Engagement