Antoine’s Rehearsal Dinner | New Orleans, LA Photographers | Amanda and Ryan

Amanda & Ryan had one of the most epic rehearsal dinners I’ve had the pleasure of documenting! I wish there was a count of how many bottles of wine and champagne were poured at the historic Antoine’s Restaurant, how many great roasting toasts were delivered, and who won the award for best motion picture in 1982!  (that’s an inside one for Ryan:)   One of the coolest things about this great celebration, though, was learning that the famous wedding song “Going to the Chapel” was actually sung by some lovely New Orleans ladies back in 1964 and actually knocked off the Beatles from the top spot on the charts! I learned this interesting little tidbit because Ryan’s mom actually surprised them with a performance by the original performing artists, “The Dixie Cups”!  It was a great night that I was told went well past the time the band stopped playing and I took leave, but you couldn’t tell the way everyone partied the very next night!  Check out the wedding photos here!

French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-01French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-02French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-03French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-04French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-05French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-06French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-07French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-08French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-09French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-10French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-11French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-12French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-13French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-14French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-15French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-16French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-17French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-18French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-19French Quarter Wedding Rehearsal-20

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