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Film Arte by Doug & CheyAnne

If you’ve been following us for the last several months then you may remember reading about our trip to Italy and the beautiful Tuscan elopement we photographed in-between drinking copious amounts of Sangiovese. If you didn’t, you can see the full post here!

One of the most exciting parts about this shoot was getting back to our photographic roots and shooting film! My good friend Aaron Hogan with Eye Wander Photo was generous enough to loan me his Hasselblad with a few lenses and a couple of film backs. I loaded it up with some Kodak Portra 160 and crossed the pond for a great adventure! The film was processed and scanned by Richard’s Photo Lab, and I did minor manipulations in Lightroom – mainly putting some warmth back to the images as the scans came back very cool (blueish tint for non-photog followers:).  There were two things that really stood out to me in shooting film, especially medium-format.  As everyone knows, it definitely made me slow down a bit and really take in the composition and you check all 4 corners of your frame before pushing the shutter button, as you only get 12 frames per roll so you better make each one count! The other thing was the square format vs. the 35mm rectangle. I absolutely loved the square format and found that it really suits my style of composing images and didn’t leave me with extra space or elements that I didn’t want.

After returning from Italy, viewing the images and reminiscing about how great it was to get back to how we first started taking pictures, we decided it would be a great idea to add the option of Film coverage for your wedding day to our a la carte menu! If you’re interested in add film coverage to your wedding day or portrait shoot let us know!  I also took the liberty of asking the groom, my good friend and also a photographer, to take one quick film shot of my and my beautiful wife. Check it out at the end of this post!

01-Tuscan Wedding on Film 02-Tuscan Wedding on Film 03-Tuscan Wedding on Film 04-Tuscan Wedding on Film 05-Tuscan Wedding on Film 07-Tuscan Wedding on Film 08-Tuscan Wedding on Film 09-Tuscan Wedding on Film 10-Tuscan Wedding on Film 11-Tuscan Wedding on Film 12-Tuscan Wedding on Film 13-Tuscan Wedding on Film 14-Tuscan Wedding on Film 15-Tuscan Wedding on Film 16-Tuscan Wedding on Film 18-Tuscan Wedding on Film 19-Tuscan Wedding on Film 20-Tuscan Wedding on Film 21-Tuscan Wedding on Film

74-Tuscany Roll 1

Arte by CheyAnne & Vanessa

Laura and Hugh were the ultimate laid back, sweet couple.  Laura kept reciting advice that Hugh had given her during the time leading up to the wedding.  It was something to the effect of, “be confident in the decisions you’ve made.”  Basically, no turning back, and don’t fret over things.  I think that’s fabulous advice!  And as relaxed as Laura was, I could still tell that that advice was helping to keep her grounded on a day when emotions can, and often do, run high.

I thoroughly enjoyed being at The Orleans Club.  It has been several years since I have been there, but I absolutely loved the ambiance of the whole venue.  It had so much charm, and just felt very old school New Orleans to me.  It all matched up perfectly with Laura’s dress that was once upon a time her mothers.  I LOVED her dress!  They made a few changes to the dress to enhance it for Laura’s use, but I thought it was absolutely perfect, and so stunning on Laura.  I told Laura and Hugh during photos that I just felt we should head in a simple, classic, traditional direction based on everything I was seeing.  I’m pretty confident that these photos nailed it!  I enjoy looking through their collection of photos — I feel they could be from today or from 20 years ago.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  Enjoy!  :)

Orleans Club Wedding 02 Orleans Club Wedding 03 Orleans Club Wedding 05 Orleans Club Wedding 06 Orleans Club Wedding 07 Orleans Club Wedding 08 Orleans Club Wedding 09 Orleans Club Wedding 10 Orleans Club Wedding 11 Orleans Club Wedding 12 Orleans Club Wedding 13 Orleans Club Wedding 15 Orleans Club Wedding 16 Orleans Club Wedding 17 Orleans Club Wedding 18 Orleans Club Wedding 19 Orleans Club Wedding 20 Orleans Club Wedding 21 Orleans Club Wedding 22 Orleans Club Wedding 23 Orleans Club Wedding 25 Orleans Club Wedding 26

Contributing Artists: Venue:  Orleans Club, Ceremony Venue: Holy Name of Jesus, Hair: Cindy Hutchinson of Houston, Makeup: Just Face It, Band: Bobby J & Stuff Like That, Florist: Meade Wenzel, Stationery/Calligraphy: Betty Hunley Designs and VCalligraphy
Cakes: Brittany Waters of Lafayette, Wedding Rings: Adlers, Bridesmaids’ Attire Designer: Alfred Sung, Bridesmaids’ Attire Store: Wedding Belles, Men’s Attire: Jos A. Banks

Arte by Doug & CheyAnne

In typical Carlene and Todd fashion their engagement party was “Rock-n-Roll Formal” and to take place in downtown New Orleans at the Parish Room in the House of Blues.  Doug and I were attending as their paparazzi to document the party and celebrations.  This was the second weekend in a row that we were a part of friend’s events, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled!  The evening started at the hotel as they got ready — Carlene had amazing shoes that she hand-made herself!  She put every single Czech crystal on the shoes that you see below — with her signature red mark at the back of the heel.  :) Carlene is also known for her fabulous shoe collection — but these were perfect!  Her dress was way beyond Rockstar — it glittered and shimmered with every slice of light that hit it.  When they stepped out of the hotel with us following them — people probably really did think they were celebrities!  They sure looked the part!  Fuji (we call Todd Fuji!) would not be outdone by Carlene — his boots were incredible, the shirt fantabulous, and the mariachi pants — pardon my french — kicked ass!

They had scheduled a dinner for the two of them at Mr. B’s before the festivities started.  We sat several tables away to give them privacy, but still got our few paparazzi style photos in.  Once we arrived at the Parish Room things got underway quickly.  The couple spent the first hour greeting people, and then they snuck off for a clothes change.  Their best friends got on stage to begin a toast.  And then…Carlene and Todd stepped onto stage and wowed their crowd of family and friends.  Carlene was dressed an an amazing red gown, and Todd stepped out in his Marine dress blues. But wait….before Todd went to change he had  a fu manchu mustache –when he stepped out he was clean shaven!  It was in those 15 seconds or so that reality set in for the 225 guests in attendance.  This was no longer an engagement party — this just turned into a surprise wedding!!!  EPIC!  I know all the screams were just as much for Carlene’s dress, Todd’s dress blues — the fact that they had all been duped and this was a wedding, and because Todd went and shaved!

The ceremony was one of the most down to earth ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed because it was so off the cuff.  Carlene was more giddy than we’ve ever seen her!  I was laughing and nearly crying behind my camera the whole time.  How could I not when she corrected Trey with Todd’s name, “umm Mr. Major Hottiemoto.”  (His last name is Fujimoto and he’s a Major.)  And when Trey asks Todd is he takes Carlene as his wife, Todd responded, “with my whole heart.”  Awwwww!  Are you kidding me?!  Amazing!!

The rest of the night was a blur for everyone as we all partied and celebrated their union the rest of the night.  Our friends most popular hangout is the Boondock Saint, so it’s only natural the road would end there at the end of the night.  We couldn’t be more happy with their collection of photos.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  It’s something a little different from our normal stuff, so let us know what you think!  Enjoy!


01-House of Blues Wedding 02-House of Blues Wedding 03-House of Blues Wedding 04-House of Blues Wedding 05-House of Blues Wedding 06-House of Blues Wedding 07-House of Blues Wedding 08-House of Blues Wedding 09-House of Blues Wedding 10-House of Blues Wedding 11-House of Blues Wedding 12-House of Blues Wedding 13-House of Blues Wedding 14-House of Blues Wedding 15-House of Blues Wedding 16-House of Blues Wedding 17-House of Blues Wedding 18-House of Blues Wedding 19-House of Blues Wedding 20-House of Blues Wedding 21-House of Blues Wedding 22-House of Blues Wedding 23-House of Blues Wedding 24-House of Blues Wedding 25-House of Blues Wedding 26-House of Blues Wedding 27-House of Blues Wedding 28-House of Blues Wedding 29-House of Blues Wedding 30-House of Blues Wedding Hou