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Arte by CheyAnne & Vanessa

Rebecca and Matt were married in one of my favorite courtyards in the French Quarter, the Maison Dupuy.  The florals brimming over the fountain by Nola Flora looked absolutely stellar!  The colors were amazing!  And I’ve been fond of Rebecca’s love of pumpkins since their engagement session earlier this fall.  I was so excited that she incorporated some pumpkins into the wedding decor.  I think Rebecca had just the right amount, and just the right sizes that it was a perfect complement to the color scheme.

Doug and I have been loving Rebecca and Matt’s engagement session photos, and we enjoyed our time getting to know them for the session.  So I knew the  wedding day was going to be awesome!  Anytime I get to know a couple a bit more before the wedding day, I always feel a bit more connected.  By having that connection already established, I’m able to relax a bit, which allows my creative eye to wander more.  I knew as soon as I saw Rebecca’s blush Jim Hjelm wedding dress that the day was going to be fabulous!

And fabulous it was!  Their First Look photos were stunning because the pair can do no wrong!  They’re in love, and it shows!  Rebecca truly melts into Matt’s arms.  I love it!  I also adored their enthusiasm during the second line.  And the fact that Rebecca put on the hat of one of the members of Kinfolk Brass Band at the end of the second line was awesome too.   That turned out to be such a cute photo!!

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding journey!  We’ve enjoyed every part of it!  And a big thank you for my surprise the other evening – I need to post a photo!  :) They surprised me and brought my own Nola beer jug — one full of Nola Blonde, and the other had red and green flowers (I love flowers!  And Christmas colored flowers, even better!) in the jug. (Rebecca remembered me saying that we were engaged at the Brewery.)  Such a wonderful treat topped off with a beautiful thank you message!  Y’all are the best!  Enjoy!

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Contributing Artists:  Venue: Maison Dupuy, Hair/Makeup: Christine Fitzpatrick, DJ/Band: Impulse Entertainment, 2nd Line Band: Kinfolk Brass Band, Florist: NolaFlora, Cakes: Haydels,Wedding Rings: Baileys in North Carolina, Bride’s Gown Designer: Jim Hjelm, Bride’s Shoes: Coach, Bride’s Jewelry: Nordstrom, Bridesmaids’ Attire Designer: WT00, Groom’s Attire: Allure Bridal, Groomsmen’s Attire: John’s Tuxedo

Arte by Doug & Titus

Nicole and Kevin are such a sweet couple and we had so much fun with them, from their City Park engagement shoot to their beautiful wedding at St. Mary’s Assumption Church and their awesome reception at The Gallery at The Chicory. The day started off with bridal prep and groom’s prep at the Wyndham Riverfront Hotel. Nicole really paid attention to all the detailed emails we send our couples, including the funny parts, and had a bag of M&M’s waiting for me in her suite! It was also such a great weekend for their wedding as it was their ten-year anniversary from when they first met! After the ceremony we headed downtown and the the wonderful staff at The Chicory made sure to get the newlyweds a little bit of private time and food before we ventured out to Fulton Street for some portraits. There was a cold front moving in that night and it hadn’t fully arrived, but the wind certainly made it a bit crisp, but Nicole was a trooper and toughed it out so were able to make some really sweet portraits of them before it was time to get them on the dance floor. After hours or drinking and dancing, greeting friends and family, it was time for a unique departure. Because of historical building codes, sparklers aren’t allowed at the venue, so Nicole’s coordinator Brooke, with Southern Charm Weddings, found these neat little LED wands that people were able to wave around in the air as the happy couple made their way outside to an awaiting pedicab that whisked them off in the crisp, cool night! Nicole and Kevin, thanks so much for having us as a part of your wedding experience, and we wish you both all the best!  Enjoy!

01-New Orleans Wedding 02-New Orleans Wedding 03-New Orleans Wedding 04-New Orleans Wedding 05-New Orleans Wedding 06-New Orleans Wedding 07-New Orleans Wedding 08-New Orleans Wedding 09-New Orleans Wedding 10-New Orleans Wedding 11-New Orleans Wedding 12-New Orleans Wedding 13-New Orleans Wedding 14-New Orleans Wedding 15-New Orleans Wedding 16-New Orleans Wedding 17-New Orleans Wedding 18-New Orleans Wedding 19-New Orleans Wedding 20-New Orleans Wedding 21-New Orleans Wedding

Arte by CheyAnne & Vanessa

Danielle and Justin were married at the St. Louis Cathedral with their reception immediately following in the Blue Room at the Roosevelt Hotel. I adore families that are close, and you could tell this was a tight-knit group.  I would guess that the couple knew everyone at their wedding — which I think is really great!  They did have two NFL Hall of Famers drop by with another guest – but hey, that’s a pretty awesome wedding crasher!  There were moments at the house during bridal prep that felt like I was on the set of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Family seemed to appear from all directions, all with a task — all on a mission.  It was fabulous!  (That’s one of my favorite wedding movies by the way!) I didn’t see anyone trying to cure any ailments with Windex though — lol!

The schedule for the day went as planned, and the bride and groom seemed to enjoy their party to the fullest.  One of my favorite moments at the reception was when they cut the groom’s cake.  On the inside I was cringing because it was an Alabama cake — and Alabama is my least favorite football team.  However, I was in on a secret that the groom was unaware of.  As he cut the cake, his face slowly changed from a big smile to a look of utter disbelief, and a little bit of a face that said he’d been punked.  The inside of the Alabama cake was purple and gold!! How awesome is that?!  I love it!  The first time I’ve seen that done, and it was executed beautifully.  Justin’s face was priceless!

Thank you for trusting us with your story.  We were honored to be a part of your day!  Enjoy!

Roosevelt Hotel 01 Roosevelt Hotel 03 Roosevelt Hotel 05 Roosevelt Hotel 07 Roosevelt Hotel 08 Roosevelt Hotel 09 Roosevelt Hotel 10 Roosevelt Hotel 11 Roosevelt Hotel 12 Roosevelt Hotel 13 Roosevelt Hotel 14 Roosevelt Hotel 15 Roosevelt Hotel 16 Roosevelt Hotel 17

Contributing Artists: 
Ceremony Venue: St. Louis Cathedral, Reception Venue: Blue Room at the Roosevelt Hotel, Hair:Bella Bliss Salon,
Makeup: About Face of New Orleans, DJ/Band:Louisiana Spice, Florist: John Kent Florist, Videographer: Bower Productions, Stationery: Gem Printing, Groom’s Cake: Haydel’s Bakery, Wedding Rings:Bride: Lee Michael’s,
Groom: Interdiamond Inc., Bride’s Gown Designer: La Sposa, Bride’s Gown Store: Linda Lee Bridal & Boutique,
Bride’s Shoes: Nina, Bride’s Jewelry: Swarovski, Men’s Attire: John’s Tuxedos, Second Line Umbrellas: Marisol Canedo