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Elizabeth & Kurt – Married!

Arte by CheyAnne & Vanessa

Elizabeth and Kurt were married in a beautiful New Orleans Courtyard ceremony in the French Quarter at Hotel Mazarin.  It was truly a blending of families, and a smaller more intimate wedding with just their nearest and dearest present.  It was a destination wedding for everyone involved, but as usual, everyone seemed to be enjoying all the New Orleans cuisine and culture.  The food at La Louisiane was bragged about throughout the evening, and rightfully so.  It was my first time photographing a wedding reception at La Louisiane, but Vanessa and I were able to eat as well, and they took great care of us!  It was delicious!  The day seemed to go by very quickly, but was not without a few stolen moments.  I love the photo of the two of them in the hallway before going in for the reception.  We enjoyed spending the day with you both, thanks for allowing us to capture your day!  Enjoy!

La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 01 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 02 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 03 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 04 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 05 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 06 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 07 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 08 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 09 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 10 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 11 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 12 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 13 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 14 La Louisiane Hotel Mazarin 15

Contributing Artists: Coming Soon!


Stephanie & Shane Married!

Arte by Doug & Titus

I was so happy to be a part of Shane and Stephanie’s wedding! I’ve know Shane for quite some time while I was the university photographer at Nicholls in Thibodaux and photographed him as he was crowned Homecoming King. But throw all the stereotypes out the window that just popped into your head:)Shane is a great guy with an undying love for his bride, and even the rain on their wedding day couldn’t do anything to drown any of that for both of  them! I was about to start typing our usual story of the wedding day but then I revisited their replies to some questions we sent them before the wedding, and I think they say more about this great couple than I could ever try. So let’s here from the bride and groom!

WHAT: What are a few things about each other that you just absolutely love! What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Stephanie- I love Shane’s giggle and smile, that is forever on his face. I love Shane’s love for me, and his eagerness to marry me. That makes things so much better. He is the kindest guy and cares so much about everything. He is super smart and I love that about him. His humbleness is one of his best qualities. I am most looking forward to becoming his wife and celebrating us, in the church. I have no doubt that God planned for Shane and I to become one. 
Shane- I love Stephanie’s green eyes. They are always the first thing that catch my eye. She has a warm and beautiful smile that can light up a room. She has a kind soul. Her eternal optimism keeps me going, no matter what life brings our way. She is my best friend and I love the times when we can spend together whether we are learning something new, traveling, or just staying in.    On our wedding day, I look forward to watching my beautiful bride walk down the aisle of the church, knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing woman.

01-Houma Wedding photos 02-Houma Wedding photos 03-Houma Wedding photos 04-Houma Wedding photos 05-Houma Wedding photos 06-Houma Wedding photos 07-Houma Wedding photos 08-Houma Wedding photos 09-Houma Wedding photos 10-Houma Wedding photos 11-Houma Wedding photos 12-Houma Wedding photos 13-Houma Wedding photos 14-Houma Wedding photos 15-Houma Wedding photos 16-Houma Wedding photos 17-Houma Wedding photos 18-Houma Wedding photos 19-Houma Wedding photos 20-Houma Wedding photos 21-Houma Wedding photos 22-Houma Wedding photos 23-Houma Wedding photos 24-Houma Wedding photos 25-Houma Wedding photos 26-Houma Wedding photos 27-Houma Wedding photos

Contributing Artists:  

Hair: Jamie Chabert Freeman and Jenny Hebert
Makeup: Katie Malone, Pixie Makeup
DJ/Band: Snapper and the FIshsticks
Catering: Bay Area Catering
Florist: Nick J Hebert Designs
Videographer: Worklight Productions – Bruno Doria
Event Design/Coordination: Nick J Hebert Designs
Stationery/Calligraphy: Queen Bee for Stationary and Maria Helena for Calligraphy
Cakes: Cindy’s Cakes of Chackbay
Wedding Rings: Barker’s in Baton Rouge
Bride’s Gown Designer: J. ALexander
Bride’s Jewelry: Antique heirlooms
Bridesmaids’ Attire Designer: JS Collection
Bridesmaids’ Attire Store: Chatta Box Baton Rouge
Groom’s Attire: Norman’s Tuxedos
Groomsmen’s Attire: Norman’s Tuxedos
Miscellaneous: Groom’s cake – Aunt Sarah Chauvin


Rhonda & Jonathan – A Tuscan Wedding!

Arte by Doug & CheyAnne

Wow, where to begin! I’ve known Jonathan for the last 14 years and he recently stood in my wedding, so it was a great honor for me to be a part of his, especially since he upstaged me on the location and had his in Tuscany! Jonathan and Rhonda chose Certaldo, a 13th century medieval village, as their place to exchange vows and it was just the absolute perfect setting for them. It was a quiet morning of prep as CheyAnne and Rhonda headed down to the salon outside of the village walls where she would also change in to her hand-made, one-of-a-kind dress made specifically for her using 200 year old lace and 100 year old fabric – made by the very talented Mimi in New York City. Jonathan made sure his shirt was perfectly pressed, his pocket square folded just right, and then slipped on his exquisite pair of black Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that he purchased just days before in Florence. As he patiently awaited for his bride’s arrival he felt as if something was missing, so he wandered into the courtyard of his hotel and found the perfect red flower waiting to be plucked for Rhonda. Even though Jonathan knew what the dress looked like, you would swear he was seeing it for the first time when she tapped him on the shoulder for their First Look! I can honestly say that in the 14 years I’ve know Johnny, I’ve never seen him as happy as he was on this day. I can’t say that I blame him either, because Rhonda is such a sweet, genuine and caring person and I’m so very happy that they found each other. The ceremony was filled with emotion as Johnny even managed to make me tear up with his heart-felt vows. Even the translator seemed to well up with emotion! It was the perfect Tuscan day filled with family, friends, great food and wine, and memories that will last us all a lifetime. Rhonda and Jonathan, thank you both so very much for taking us on this journey with you guys, trusting us with your memories, and allowing us to be a part of your lives. CheyAnne and I both truly wish you all the best and we can’t wait to see y’all again!

I also want to add that I decided to bring along 7 rolls of medium format film to document their day and that film is currently being processed. Stay tuned for the film version of this Tuscan wedding! And thanks to Aaron Hogan with Eye Wander Photo for lending me his Hasselblad. Looking through that viewfinder is something special to see!


01-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 05-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 06-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 07-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 08-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 02-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 09-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 04-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 10-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 11-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 12-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 13-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 14-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 15-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 16-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 17-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 18-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 19-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 20-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 21-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 22-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 23-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 24-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 25-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 26-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 27-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 28-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 29-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 30-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 31-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 32-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 33-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 34-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 35-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 36-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 37-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 38-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 39-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 40-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 41-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 42-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 43-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 44-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 45-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 46-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 47-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 48-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie 49-Tuscan Wedding by Arte de Vie