We just absolutely love your photography and would love to have you as part of our wedding! How do we make that happen?
Glad you asked! If we haven’t already spoken about your wedding photography, please fill out the contact form on our website here. It’s very important that we get a chance to talk a bit and get to know each other to make sure we’re all a perfect match. We want to make sure we’re the right photographers for your wedding and we want you to get to know our personalities so you’re assured that we’re the right fit you as well!  Once you’re ready to make it official, you can secure your date by signing your contract online and sending in a $1,500 non-refundable retainer.

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What forms of payment do you accept?
Check is the preferred method of payment, but we are able to accept credit cards as well.


Do you include the digital files for us in your packages?
Yes, we do! All of our packages include the digital files of the images that make our final selection and appear in your online gallery. A print authorization accompanies those files, allowing you to make prints on your own.


How many hours of coverage do you think I need on the wedding day?
It’s been our experience that at least 8 hours is needed to fully cover the types of New Orleans weddings we are a part of, and therefore all of our packages include 8 hours of coverage. More time can easily be added if your wedding calls for it. If you think you need less, we’re happy to work with you to create a package that fits your day!

Do your packages include a 2nd photographer?
Yes, all of our packages include two Professional photographers, as opposed to one main shooter and one assistant. While we’re able to customize a package to fit any specific needs, all of our current packages include both Doug & CheyAnne.
With two photographers, you’re simply able to get twice the coverage – bridal prep and groom’s prep, your reaction and his during the First Look, details of the reception before any guests arrive. More importantly, should any rare issue arise such as equipment malfunctions, there’s always at least one photographer capturing moments while the other solves the issue.


So most of this wedding stuff has centered around the bride, which I’m totally fine with, but what about my Groom? Should he have a photographer present for his preparation time?
As I’m sure you know, not all men were created equal! Some guys would rather not have a camera around them while they enjoy several cocktails out of sight of the priest, while other guys would really love to have the camaraderie of their crew captured. That being said, the groom typically starts to get ready about 30 minutes before he has to walk out the door. The second photographer will spend an hour with the groom.  


What about albums? With everything being digital these days, why do I need one?
We truly believe that there is more power in the printed photograph than simply viewing on a screen. We’ll be honest, it took us 3 years after our wedding to finally take the time and create our own album. But now, we relive our wedding day through viewing our album more than we ever have via the digital proofs. There’s something special about holding that book and flipping each page – call it a bit of nostalgia – and seeing several photographs laid out together to tell the story of your wedding day. Not to mention, digital media typically has a lifespan of about 3-5 years and we understand it’s hard to keep up with those changes. It wasn’t long ago we were burning files to CD, then DVD, and now you can’t buy an Apple computer with a CD/DVD drive.  All that being said, if an album isn’t included in your package or simply isn’t in your budget, you’re under no obligation to purchase one. We do believe it’s a purchase you won’t regret though 🙂


It seems like it would be a lot of work and pretty difficult for us to pick all the photos we would want in an album. Can you guys help us out at all?
Glad you asked! We like to consider ADV to be a full-service studio. To that end, all of our couples get a digital pre-design of their wedding album emailed to them, compliments of Arte de Vie! We believe you hired us because we’ve been blessed with the ability to tell stories through photos, so why should we stop telling your story just because the cameras aren’t clicking any more? We choose all the images for you, touch them up, then create a design to tell the story of your wedding day – even if your package didn’t include an album!


Once the wedding is over, how long until we can relive our day through all the fabulous photos!?
Our typical turn-around time for online posting is 4 weeks on average, but can be up to 6 weeks during our busy season. (April, May, October and major holidays)  Your digital files are typically delivered within three weeks of the online gallery posting. Your album pre-design is typically emailed within 6 weeks after the online gallery posting.


Do you guys do video as well?
We focus and specialize in still photography, but we’re happy to recommend some great videographers for your wedding!


Do you guys also do Engagement and Bridal sessions?
We love getting to know our clients more before the wedding and, whenever possible, engagement and bridal shoots are great ways to do that! The engagement shoot is a great way to show us your personalities and how y’all interact as a couple. It also gives you some practice time in front of the camera and to learn how we work as a team at ADV.
The bridal shoot is always a great day for full trials with hair and makeup, as well as ensuring that all the dress alterations were done properly and that it’s going to fit perfectly on the wedding day!  We also offer boudoir shoots if you’re looking for a special gift for your groom.


We’re not local and can’t make it to New Orleans for our portrait shoots. Should we just hire someone where we live?
We love to travel and would be happy to come to you guys if you can’t make it to Nola! Often times the cost for you to hire a local photographer for your portrait shoot is about the same as plane tickets to get us to you, so why not have us photograph everything which will give all of your photographs some continuity in style. If getting us to you isn’t an option, we do recommend having a portrait session regardless, as it still gives you guys practice in front of a camera, as well as the opportunity for hair and makeup trials. So in short, ask us about coming to you and let’s see if we can make it happen!

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Do you charge travel fees outside of New Orleans?
Any shoot happening within 45 miles of New Orleans 70130 zip code does not require any travel fees. Any shoots between 45 and 150 miles require minimal compensation for travel.


Do you travel outside of south Louisiana?
Absolutely! Again, we love to travel for destination weddings and have extensive experience with the logistics of traveling with photo gear and arriving on time. We have been lucky to enough to travel to Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Cancun and Italy for destination weddings. No matter where you are, or where you’re going, feel free to take us with you!


Do you shoot weddings on film or digital?
Great question!  We are predominantly a digital based studio, but we have our roots in film photography – even hand processing in the darkroom!  We understand film brings a certain aesthetic that people have come to desire again, and we’re happy to add film coverage as an additional add-on for any of your portrait shoots or the wedding day.

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