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Strictly Weddings Feature | Prague | Destination Wedding Photographers

December 1, 2016

As New Orleans wedding photographers we often think how incredible it is to have such a lovely place to photograph all of our brides and couples. But now that we’ve expanded to Paris we’re excited about what we’ve experienced so far and the locations we’ve been lucky enough to photograph!  This is one of four labors of love that we captured when we teamed up with Belinda of Blue Gardenia Events, along with several other vendors from New Orleans and around the world, and we are so happy to finally share this one as it’s just been featured on the Strictly Weddings blog!  They featured many of their favorites so now we’d like to feature the images that really moved us. All of the images were shot on film and the incredible staff at Richard Photo Lab took great care to process and scan the many rolls we travelled over 5,000 miles with avoiding all x-ray machines through 6 airports! We’re not gonna lie though, we let CheyAnne (the cute sweet looking one) hand it off at every x-ray checkpoint!  So without further ado, below is a sampling of some of our most recent and favorite destination wedding photographs!