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A Scent of Nostalgia

February 6, 2014

Right after we got engaged, one of our photography friends, Jacqueline Dallimore, told us about an incredible idea that she had learned about from a friend. ¬†She advised us to select a special perfume and cologne for our wedding. ¬†Okay, that’s not too outside the box, right? ¬†Well, from there — once the scents were selected, we were only¬†supposed to wear the fragrances for wedding events. ¬†We could wear them for engagement parties, wedding dress/suit shopping, cake tastings, ¬†coordinator meetings, floral meetings‚Ķ. you get the idea. ¬†We were not to wear them at all on non-wedding planning days.

We thought this was a fabulous idea! ¬†And something new that we had never encountered. ¬†Doug and I set out to find the perfect wedding scent. ¬†We smelled many options in our quest to find the perfect perfumes and colognes. ¬†Mine ended up being from the Sexy Little Things line, Noir. ¬†I loved the soft palette, and I have to admit that I loved the bottle too. ¬†(I knew it would be photographed after all.) ¬†I’m laughing now because I just searched for a description of the perfume. ¬† describes it as, “At once elegant and playfully provocative, it’s an enchanting blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid.” ¬†Elegant and playfully provocative — maybe that’s why I love it so much! ūüôā ¬†I’m just hoping this one will be around forever, because I love it!!

Doug’s search on the other hand, landed him with a unique cologne that he can no longer purchase. ¬†He came across his at Saks in the New York Bond #9 line. ¬†His was called New Orleans. ¬†It was a special cologne that was created after Hurricane Katrina. ¬†There were only a limited number of bottles filled, and once they sold out, there would be no more. ¬† describes his as…, “Top notes incorporate tuberose, violet leaf, black currant bud and leaf and vanilla. A heart blossoms with lily of the valley, mandarin,black currant and bergamot, while base notes finish with cinnamon, patchouli, amber and sandalwood. The flacon is coloured in matt grey with Swarovski crystals.”

So‚Ķ.we were successful on our quest to find scents that we not only liked for ourselves, but that we also liked on each other. ¬†It was crazy because the two scents really complimented each other and had similar qualities in the scents. ¬†I was so excited to wear my perfume on the wedding day! ¬†And now, I still generally save wearing mine for date nights or special occasions. ¬†Every time I put it on now, the smell immediately takes me back to all things wedding! ¬†When I smell Doug with his on, I always wrap my arms around him and tell him, “You smell like my husband!” ¬†It’s amazing how much our olfactory senses are tied into our memories.

I can’t thank Jackie enough for this unique piece of advice. ¬†I highly recommend it for your own wedding journey!

photos by Stacy Reeves Photography

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