Deluxe Leather Flush Mount Albums

Please copy and paste the below section of text into an email then type your selections next to each option. It may help to print it out then scroll down and write down your selections while viewing the images below, then typing in your final selections. Your album cannot be ordered until all this info is complete and sent to us.

  • Cover Image:    Yes or No   (If yes, add image number from Pictage here. Unless you desire the cover image to fill the entire cover, we will choose size and placement and verify with you)
  • Leather Color:     (if two-tone, please note “Main Leather Color” and “Accent Leather Color”
  • Gilding Color:   Black, Clear, Silver, Pearl, Gold.  (This is the color of the page edges that are seen when the book is closed. If unsure, leave blank and we will choose for you. Othewise, delete all but the option you’re choosing)
  • Embossed Cover Text Color:   Silver, Gold, Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Light Orange, Blue, Baby Blue, Light Green
  • Embossed Cover Text Font:  Bodoni, Bodoni Italic, Gill Sans MT, Park Avenue  (see below for examples)
  • Embossed Cover Text:  (all 3 lines do not need to be used. Delete sample text before typing in yours)

Line 1:  Doug & CheyAnne

Line 2:  New Orleans, La.

Line 3:   April 7, 2012

  •  Album Box Cover Monogram:  See below for options, enter in code i.e.  W008
  • Album Box Cover Monogram Text:    (not all monograms use 3 Lines. If your selection has a single capital letter such as W010, put that letter in quotes, Brian & Tracy “R”)

Line 1-

Line 2-

Line 3-


First step is to decide if you want a photograph printed on your cover. If you do, choose that image and email us the image number from your Pictage gallery. Often times you want to choose a leather color that will compliment the colors in your cover image. If you’re comfortable making that selection that’s great, but you can always ask us to help and give you a suggestion. Please note that the colors may not be completely accurate on your computer screen. You can also select to go with no photograph on the cover and just embossed text if you choose.

Please also note that you can choose to make your album cover two-tone and select a dominant leather color and then an accent color. The size and placement of the stripe, cover image and text can be completely customized to your wishes. See an example below the leather swatches.

Next step is your lines of text to be embossed on the album cover. You can choose up to three lines of text. Colors are Silver, Gold, Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Light Orange, Blue, Baby Blue, Light Green. See the font options below:

Next is to choose the monogram for your album box.