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French Quarter Engagement photo in front of St. Louis Cathedral

French Quarter Engagement Session |New Orleans Wedding Photographers | Victoria and Hunter

August 25, 2015

It doesn’t matter how many times we shoot in the French Quarter, I’m constantly trying to find a new angle or a new spot that I haven’t used before.  It’s important to go in with fresh eyes as often as possible.  As we were walking to meet Victoria and Hunter, I had a quick glimpse at a photo that I wanted to try with the St. Louis Cathedral in the background.  I wasn’t 100% it would work, and I realized I had attempted it before, but with a different lens, etc.  It was a little warm on this morning, so I was hesitant to ask them because they would be directly in the sun for a few minutes.  I think afterwards though, we were all glad I asked them!  🙂  You’ll see the photo I’m referring to below.  It’s certainly one of my new favorite photos.

We had a great time getting to hang out with Victoria and Hunter for their photos.  We meandered through the French Quarter, and even took a photo near Muriel’s where the proposal originally happened.  The first time around though there was a tornado warning, and Victoria had no idea what was going on!  This time it was just a bit muggy.  They both were fabulous in front of the camera, but I’m always extra proud of the guys when they start out relaxed and not afraid to show some affection.  I still smile when I think of the first request for Hunter to give Victoria a smooch during the session.  He swooped in with the hand behind her neck and pulled him to her, and you could literally see her melt right into him!  Ah, love!  It never gets old!

We wrapped up the shoot by letting them stop for a celebratory cocktail.  I’ve really come to love those photos.  They just have a certain Nola essence.  We are looking forward to the wedding y’all!  Enjoy your images!

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