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French Quarter Engagement Photos |New Orleans | Julie and Jeremy

December 16, 2015

French Quarter Engagement Photos almost always lead to something new, sometimes it even becomes an adventure. ¬†I’d say we were near the adventure level on this particular day. ¬†Julie had us smiling right from the start as she danced and clapped to the music from the Jackson Square musicians as they walked up to meet us in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. ¬†And Jeremy was beaming as well. ¬†It’s practically impossible not to when you’re around Julie. ¬†She exudes such a vibrant energy, that one can’t help but feel overjoyed.

The pair came prepared for their French Quarter engagement photos. ¬†They were dressed to impress! ¬†They looked like they had stepped straight out of a magazine. ¬†Both were relaxed and dare I say “giddy” with excitement. ¬†They immediately settled into each other as we positioned them on a bench. ¬†Game over! ¬†The very first spot they were not only melting into each other, but melting my heart too! ¬†I love love, I love emotion, and I love when a couple is not afraid to show it! ¬†This doesn’t mean that you have to kiss and make out the whole time either. ¬†I always tell our couples that it’s all about the body language, and touch. ¬†It’s so important in feeling something when you view your photos. ¬†If you’re too detached it may be a cool photo, but we like for people to feel something when they view our images. ¬†This was not a problem at all for this lovely couple. ¬†I felt like they were both in my head, reading my mind and then some throughout the whole shoot. ¬†I jump up and down when I get really excited — I know I did this at least once. ¬†ūüôā

And then as we were walking around, we stumbled upon this cute boutique hotel, Hotel St. Helene and loved the white area right inside the door.  We popped in and explained that Julie and Jeremy were in the middle of their French Quarter engagement photos, and we would love to take a few quick photos if they would allow it.    The employees were more than accommodating, and took us in even further to check out the other areas.  It ended up being some of our favorite photos from the day!!

I hope you enjoy viewing Julie and Jeremy’s¬†photos as much as we loved taking them! We can’t wait for the wedding! ¬†Enjoy!!

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