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Rooftop Engagement Session | Paris, France | Melissa & Tyler

May 13, 2020


Melissa Nicole Lim

<3 these are our favorite photos and we had such a unique, beautiful experience on this shoot with you. we highly recommend Arte de Vie and can't wait for them to be at our wedding in France soon (and of course, probably future anniversary photo shoots because why not?) 🙂

It is incredible!!! Where is rooftop place?? I havent seen it before ! Looking eiffel tower with picinic is romantic

Thank you so much! It’s an apartment building in the Passy neighborhood. We got lucky finding how to get access to it!

Do you remember where this building is exactly? How did you get an access?

It’s in the Passy neighborhood and our clients knew a person in the building that was able to give us access to the rooftop. This was well before covid so I’m not certain that person still has access, and we haven’t been back to it either. Sorry couldn’t help more!

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